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After years as a writer for hire (including Star Wars novels): the National Book Award

From Publishers Weekly: “You probably don’t know me,” Blundell told the audience [at the National Book Awards ceremony], “but I’ve worked for most of the houses in this room. This is the first book I’ve put my name on.” [Judy] Blundell recounted how she had written well over a hundred books, having “sneaked in the back door of publishing as a writer-for-hire.” Her many media tie-ins, romances, mysteries and Star Wars novels were all written under a pseudonym. “For a writer who does this kind of work, there is a danger,” she said. “You can develop a kind of writer’s amnesia. Not that you’ve lost your past, or your memory, but your future. You’ve lost your voice—your writer’s voice, your compulsion to tell a story that’s yours.”

Read more here.

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