Finding time to write

How do you find time to write?

Romantic suspense author and NY Times bestselling novelist Allison Brennan (who at the time had four kids – she now has five!) used to write every day after working a full time job and putting the kids were in bed - from 9 to midnight. I believe a glass of wine was involved

When he was a defense attorney, NYT bestselling mystery writer Phil Margolin made a deal with his wife. He used to write from 7-11 on Saturdays and Sundays, and she agreed to keep the kids away.

And in this post , Jeff Abbott talks about how he used to write from 4-7 a.m. before going to his job at a startup.

I thinking I’m blanking out on how I used to write while working full time. I know it was rare for me to get more than two hours in. Sometimes it was a lot less. I wrote outside my kid’s mandolin lessons. I wrote when I came home from work. I wrote a little bit at lunch. I wrote every weekend. Eventually it all added up.

When do you/did you write?

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The majority of my writing takes place over the course of the winter, while snow storms rage and I've got no place to go :) During the season, it's sporadic - an hour here, fifteen minutes there - with most of the writing taking place in my head until then.
You can remember what you write in your head?

I can barely remember what to get at the store, even if it's only three things.
I would get up at 7:30. Luckily, work and school were very close by. Nowadays I still stay up to 2 a.m., sometimes later, if I'm on a deadline. That's why your 5:30 a.m. flummoxed me.
5.5 hours of sleep would not work for me no matter when it was. I was going on 6 or 6.5 and that was no fun. I would drink so much coffee I sometimes felt I was going to throw up if I drank more.
Sadly, it didn't work for me either. I was grumpy all day. Now that I write full time, I can sleep in (sort of).
wellll.... the bulk of my books are written in the car when we travel to family or friends... which honestly is a five hour ride one way. that is a great way to do it. just slap on the music and type on the laptop.

otherwise, i have written much like you.. in the mornings before the kids arise, at lunch at my desk, and after work after the meal is done.

Today my life is much less tied to other people and I am able to write every morning and evening in limitless quantities. So why am I not writing?????
Oh, this is very helpful. I think you must have posted this just for me, April. I start my full time job tomorrow.
I feel like I missed a post. Last I heard, the interview went very well. Congrats!

I wrote a book year working full time and being a mom for many, many, many years.
Yes, you did miss a post. I got the job. I'm teaching special ed. in an elementary school. I'm very excited about the work, but I'm sad about losing my writing time.

All week, I've kept my spirits up by thinking, "April got her first three books published while working full time." It helps to know that, but I wonder if I can multi-task as well as you did. I'm rather slow, poky, and attention deficit. But I'm going to try and we shall see...
I got my first six books published working full time - plus wrote some other books that didn't get published.

If you are consistent, even if it's just 15 minutes a day, it adds up.