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Random Musings

Random musings:

* Why does Weight Watchers online points tracker lists my choices of running speed up to 5.5 minute miles? If I could run 5.5 minute miles, I would not need Weight Watchers.

* Why do we sometimes think of reading as an activity enjoyed by people who have higher status in society? When I was out on my run today, I saw a guy at a bus stop reading. Lots of bus riders read. And so do smokers.

* Why has no one taken this woman up on her ebay offer to listen to them? ""Just too much time on my hands, so I decided one thing I love to do is visit with
people and listen to them. I... There will be no nasty, dirty talking on either side or heavy breathing etc.... you've got the picture. Just simple someone to hear you talk to you just visit with.

* Where was the copyeditor for a moment for this gorgeous book I'm reading? It's Jess Walters The Zero. It begins, "They burst into the sky, every bird in creation, angry and agitated, awakened by the same primary thought, erupting in a white-feathered cloudburst, anxious and graceful, angling in ever-tightening circles toward the ground, drifting close enough to touch, and then close enough to see that it wasn't a flock of birds at all – it was paper. Burning scraps of paper. All the little birds were paper."

The book is a reimagining of the 9-11. It's the kind of book with lots of great words, sometimes used a little differently than you've seen them used before. But on page 12 the copyeditor let stand "palettes of bottled water." Um, I think you mean "pallets." [Full disclosure: I once got up close and personal with a pallet when someone I was talking to pressed a button on the pallet jack, causing it to land on my foot. There was a long horrible moment of me screaming and her staring, before realization dawned (on her, not on me. It had dawned on me instantly). And then some more long moments for her to jack it up. Luckily, my foot had been between slats, so it was squished but not crushed.]

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