aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I am a loser

Nothing like filling out an author’s questionnaire for a publisher to make you feel like a loser.

Take questions like these:
- Please provide names of professional or special interest groups who would be interested in reading your book. [Full disclosure: I need to write a book that appeals to more than just say, teens who like fast-paced books. I don’t think there’s a professional group for them.]

- Please list any organizations/companies/associations that you think might be interested in bulk purchases of your book. [Full disclosure: I probably need to write non-fiction. Who buys teen thrillers in bulk?]

- Do you have any suggestions of magazines, newspapers or journals we might approach that would be interested in serializing portions of your book? [Full disclosure: I read tons of magazines. It’s very rare to see any of them serializing anything any more.]

- Will you be speaking at any conferences - domestic or international - or at meetings where we could exhibit your book. [Full disclosure: I wish I were speaking at an international conference. Does speaking to Oregon librarians count?]

- We would appreciate a selective list of appropriate people to whom we might send books for possible review. (These may be critics, feature writers, columnists, personalities, other authors or prominent individuals who may be interested in your book to the extent of wanting to comment on it or give it exposure.) [Full disclosure: I don’t think I know any personalities. Or prominent individuals.]

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