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What do you owe your blog readers?

Well, according to a couple of people who stopped by author Lee Goldberg's blog, a lot. [Full disclosure: I have once ridden in a car with Lee's brother, Tod!] One off Lee's readers wanted him to post her articles and link back to her web site (when it's his blog and he doesn't post other people's articles). Another had a simple request: "I would really appreciate it if you would read the manuscript and give me your detailed critique. I would also like a blurb I could use to help sell it (I will give it prominent placement on the book when it is published). I need your comments no later than Feb. 1, 2009."

Are people really that clueless?

Maybe they are, judging by all the people I've seen trying to drive around on our local skating rink streets without any sign of four-wheel drive, chains, studs, winter tires, etc. Right now, one of them is literally spinning their wheels down the street.

To read more about Lee's requests, click here. Be sure to click at top so you can see the second "request."

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