aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

A thought-provoking deal in Publishers Marketplace

“Kirk Farber's POSTCARDS FROM A DEAD GIRL, a surreal love story about a lost soul who is getting postcards from his missing girlfriend; it reads like a Wes Anderson movie, to Carl Lennertz at Harper Perennial, for publication in Winter 2010, by Sandra Bond at Bond Literary Agency (NA).”

Thought 1: Will this get confused with LJ’s own Jo Knowle’s Lessons from a Dead Girl?

Thought 2: Carl Lennertz is an editor now? I remember when he was the big guns behind Booksense. And then he took a job doing marketing at HarperCollins. I can remember how bummed I was when he did, because they used to feature “good books deserving a paperback home.” And they wanted to feature Learning to Fly: A Thriller. All the books they featured seemed to go on to not only sell paperback rights, but often film rights as well. Before they ran it, they wanted my publisher to say it was okay. Unfortunately, it took them a while. And by that time, Carl Lennertz was at Harper, and that feature was gone.

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