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Return to our regular programming: Bloggers vs. author

The Village Voice has an interesting piece about how a few bloggers piled on an author who talked about how he had only had three people show up at a signing.
“The Net reaction to Strauss's complaint was swift and vociferous. Comments on his own blogs ranged from "How dare you bitch about that!" to "You don't deserve to have more than three people, you're a loser!" Two other blogs—deliberately composed of unpublished individuals who wore their rejection slips as badges of integrity—launched slashing attacks on Strauss without having read any of his work, mocking his complaints, the "smirky" author photo, his theories about writing and literary history, and the "millions of dollars" that had supposedly been spent promoting him (an exaggeration of More Than It Hurts You's publicity budget by several hundredfold). Vulnerable as only a writer with a new book out can be, Darin was goaded into responses that he would soon admit came to seem, well, pathetic.”
To read more about this story, click here.

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