aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Saving the best for last

This summer, I visited a factory that made gourmet marshmallows for well-heeled folks. It seemed an odd fit for the very small town I had grown up. I had read about it in a magazine, and it sounded like you could shop there. But when I showed up, with my mom, my SIL, and a whole bunch of kids in tow, it was just a factory with hairnetted workers. But the owner gave us all our own hairnets, provided an impromptu tour, and handed us big plastic clamshell boxes full of fresh marshmallows and warm chocolate sauce. He even provided wooden skewers for dipping.

He also very sincerely said we didn't have to buy anything - but how could I not? So I purchased some hot cocoa and some incredibly expensive marshmallows. We're talking like 75 cents a marshmallow.

I took them home, but I didn't use them. Oh no. We had to save them for a "special" time.

Now that we are on day 8 of the relentless snow/ice storm from hell, I decided it was special enough. I made the cocoa and ceremoniously added a marshmallow. But fresh marshmallows must have an expiration date.

They taste exactly like Band-Aids.

I've got to remember that it's okay to wear the beautiful nightgown, use the "good" wrapping paper, and eat the fancy marshmallows.

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