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A self-publishing twist

Finally, a twist on self-publishing that actually makes sense. Teen, like kids across the country, is supposed to write a “book” this school year (it’s more like a short story). And the books are somewhat clumsily bound and displayed.

That’s where a service like Mighty Authors might come in. “Mightyauthors.com is Web site through which people can self-publish books. Pictures can be scanned or imported to the Web site and text can be typed into the site or copied to it from word processors. Teachers can pay a one-time enrollment fee of $50 or schools can pay a one-time enrollment fee of $350 to give students, parents and teachers access to the site and educational prices, which are lower than those for the general public. For enrolled students, parents and teachers books range in price from $7.95 to $22.95 depending on the book's size, binding and cover. Teachers, students and parents, however, can also print out the books on loose paper pages for free.

Many teachers say they give the free printouts to students and leave it up to parents whether to buy the book in other forms.”
Click here to read more about Mighty Authors.

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