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Running, Writing, and Chip-Eaters Anonymous

Today feels like the real start to the year. Which is good, because I already need a do-over. I’m way old enough to know that if I buy junk and bring it home, I will eat it. But does that stop me? No.

I need to be in some kind of Chip-Eaters Anonymous. At Target on Saturday, I bought a bag of baked Ruffles, which meant they were okay, right? But not if you consume an entire bag over the course of two days. I’ve started a food diary, but somehow dutifully noting how many servings of chips I was eating did not stop me from eating more. And more. It had nothing to do with hunger. It had little to do with flavor. It had a lot to do with … hmm, that’s a good question.

But today is a new day. Last night it snowed again, filling my heart with dread. Slick streets, snow piled up on the sides, etc. But the rain melted it away, so I had no excuse not to run five miles. I’ve been thinking about halseanderson and her dream to run 1,000 miles in a year. I realized I could share the same dream. After all, I already run five miles four times a week, which would equal 1040 miles. Except there are a lot of “excepts.” Except if it’s snowy or super rainy or I feel sick or I think about it too much.

Still, I think I will see how close I can get.

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