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More whining, less dining

The New York Times has an article about how publishers are cutting back on expenses."For decades the New York publishing world promised a romantic life of fancy lunches, sparkling parties, sophisticated banter and trips to spots like the Caribbean to pitch books to sales representatives."

Well, I'm not sure it was ever all that great, esp. for the rank and file, but I would guess it's ratcheting down across the board now. Macmillan has gone from having a sales conference in a ritzy hotel in San Diego to a Web meeting.

I do disagree a bit with something uber agent Amanda "Binky" Urban says in the article, "Ms. Urban said some of the more lavish practices could not be sustained by a slow-growth, low-margin industry that can’t charge luxury prices. “Books can only support a certain retail price,” she said. “It’s not like you have books that can be Manolo Blahniks and books that can be Cole Haan. Books are books. A book by James Patterson costs the same as a book by some poet."

Books by Patterson are routinely discounted 30 percent or more by Amazon and big chains. Good luck finding a poet in the same category.

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