aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The Art of Running in the Rain

Going on a run is a lot like writing a book. You start out all excited. [Full disclosure: Or maybe your excitement peaks just thinking about it, before you ever lace up your running shoes.] Man, you are going to kick this thing out!

Then reality sets in. There’s a hill. And another. It’s harder than you thought. Maybe you start walking. Maybe you stop altogether and wish someone would come by and offer you a ride. You can’t remember why it seemed like such a good idea to do this. Maybe you should try something else. Maybe you should just give up altogether.

But if you keep going, if you don’t turn around, eventually there comes a time when everything is in snyc again. When you’re on the home stretch and you feel good and you even think you might look good.

Another way writing is like running: no matter how good or bad your time spent doing it is, when it's done, you are always glad that you made the effort.

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