aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

What do you get when they paid big bucks for your book?

Thousands of review copies sent out, each of them trumpeting something along these lines:
- National review and feature attention
- National and local radio and TV interviews
- Online review and feature attention
- Author tour: ten cities by bookstore request
- Online advertising: NYTimes.com, USATodaycom, and BookReporter.com
- Interactive website
- International Thriller Writers e-newsletter
- Author podcast
- Online video trailer
- Author Myspace and Facebook pages
- Ecard to author's fan list
- Promotions on social networking sites
- Launch event at Left Coast Crime
- ARC giveaway at Boucheron 2009
- Outreach to romance, mystery and thriller writers

This is one example of how publishers, if given the incentive of a large advance, can make a bestseller. Maybe not one that endures. But it's a start. And a level of promotion few authors get.

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