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Let's hear it for independent mystery booksellers

Let's hear it for independent mystery booksellers. Or independent booksellers in general. When I've toured, many of the stops were independent booksellers. They keep their staff longer and know their customers better than the chains (Full disclosure: one notable exception was when Darren Noble worked at the Borders in Salem, Oregon. He did the best job of any bookseller I can think of.) Independents also know their stock.

Here's a story about one mystery bookstore. Support your local bookseller - they are an endangered species. So many great independent booksellers have gone out of business. Coffee, Tea, and Mystery in LA was wonderful. And it's gone. So are Grounds for Murder, Esmeralda, Accessories for Murder, Blind Melon Books, Scene of the Crime, The Green Door, Good Books Limited, the Mystery Annex, Sherlock's Home, Crime Time Books, Scotland Yard, Spenser's Mystery Bookshop, and Fahrenheit 451. To name a few. Some still do mailorder or Internet business. Some are just gone. (Full disclosure: Taffy Cannon helped me think of the list of bookstores.)

Annie Blooms is my local bookstore. (Full disclosure: I bet you could even get a personalized autographed copy of Shock Point from them.) (And yes, I know it's ironic to link to Amazon. But Booksense doesn't offer booklinks. And I didn't say you had to buy from them. Heck, even I buy from Amazon, especially when it comes to printer toner.) What's your favorite bookstore?

And is there such a thing as a bookstore that does a good job with YA signings?

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