aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

A year ago today

A year ago today I was at a meeting with one of my publishers. I was so anxious. I had brought two boxes of Sees candy (not an Oregon product, but welcomed by anyone, especially folks who don’t live on the West coast) with me, but the meeting was kind of formal and there really never was a good time to pull them out. At the end of the meeting, I lamely offered them up to the editorial assistant.

During the meeting, people went around the table and said what they wanted to do for the book. Publicity, marketing, book cover design, editorial. A lot of it was talking about the fantastic things they had done for other books. It was surreal. (And that kind of a meeting had a lot more to do with my more famous coauthor than it did with me.)

I flew home that night. In the airport, I called my department’s assistant and asked if she could schedule a time with the department head. Even though we had not yet signed a contract, I had decided to do what my agent calls “sailing your boat out into the middle of the ocean and setting it on fire.”

I gave my notice the next day, on three hours sleep and the worst upset stomach you can imagine.

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