aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Do I look like a killer to you?

Teen and I have been taking a kickboxing class taught by the only female certitied Muay Thai instructor in the Northwest. I really liked it - it's a true martial art. But the teacher could only teach one day a week (she has her own studio). So they got someone else in to each kickboxing who could do it twice a week.

He showed up tonight in workboots and a shaved head. He was in the Israeli special forces where he specialized in hand to hand combat and weapons work. He is also a mixed martial arts fighter, AKA cage fighter.

So there's Teen, and there's me - the lady in the pink top - plus a 16 yo guy who just shot up to six four and isn't used to it. And the instructor is talking about how we should get bags of concrete mix and kick them. "First your legs go purple from ankle to knee, but then they get tough, and you don't even feel a thing!" he explained approvingly. He wants us to grapple and clinch. He made us bear crawl the length of the room over and over for a certain length of time. When he caught me looking at the clock, he took it off the wall and hid it. (Thank God he never noticed my watch!)

If I go to hell, it would be a lot like this class. When I finished high school PE, I said never again would someone yell at me and make me do things I hated. I mean, I take boot camp now, but there the instructor talks about having a fine-looking body. Not getting your hands so tough you don't even need gloves.

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