aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Another portent

Last night I dreamed that Teen got a two-book deal based on the rough draft of an essay she had dashed off. And they were sending her on a six-city tour. I was allowed to accompany her.

In reality, I spent an hour earlier this week helping her with her book analysis. Today, her teacher gave her a worse grade than he did on the first draft. This is the same guy who is making them watch Roots and who squirts anyone who whispers during it with a water bottle, like an errant cat getting on the good couch. This is the same one who made her write a 54-word sentence 28 times because someone gave her a single Pringle in class. "Although the need to regularly to ingest sustenance is a deep, indeed, primordial, human imperative, I must acknowledge that while in the classroom I must confine my feeding instincts to those which feed the mind and soul and leave the nourishment of my body to its regular and appointed time within the school day." To make his deadline, she was forced to write it during science class. The same teacher who shrugged when I offered to come in to talk to the class for free. And who proudly states that he is using the same lesson plans he developed years ago.

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