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Your name might make you a criminal

Your name affects how people view you - and how you view yourself. In fact, "Ernests, Prestons and Tyrells of America are significantly more delinquent than the Michaels and Davids." [Full disclosure: David Lubar – why didn’t they factor you in?]

This article in Time magazine also says “The researchers developed an equation that gave the most popular name of the period, Michael, a score of 100. The name David got a 50. Ernest, Preston, Tyrell, Kareem, Malcolm, Alec were each given a 1. Kalist and Lee theorized that the boys with the lower-scoring names might commit more delinquent acts.

"Which is exactly what they found. The relationship is quite predictable and linear: if you pick a name that's 10% more popular than Ernest (Maxwell is the example that Kalist gave me), the population of Maxwells will have 3.7% fewer delinquents than the population of Ernests.” [Full disclosure number two: can’t help thinking of coebooth’s Tyrell.

The article has some interesting insights on who is likely to choose more unusual names. I wonder if the correlation works as well for girls: April is unusual, but I’ve never been arrested. At least not yet.

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