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From mimeographed to a half-million copies

I’ll bet some people reading this blog don’t even remember mimeographs, a forerunner to the photocopiers we know today. [Full disclosure: they had the most yummy smell. When we got something that was mimeographed in grade school, I used to hold it up my nose and just sniff and sniff.]

Holt Uncensored features the tale of a book that was self-pubbed in the 1960s via mimeograph. “The original, the self-published edition that we mimeographed in my Connecticut basement, collated in my house with the help of my mother and all her friends and sold ourselves with a reorder form in the back. We had sold almost 3000 copies before Collier came to us, having seen some of the publicity we also did on our own.”

To read more of this story (including how some editions had a picture of a crown roast on the cover, when there was no recipe for it inside), click
here .

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