aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Good publishing news for so many friends!

From Publishers Lunch:
Amanda Marrone's THE MAGIC REPAIR SHOP CHRONICLES three-book series in which a twelve-year old girl takes on an apprenticeship in a magic repair shop, to Kate Angelella at Aladdin, by Wendy Schmalz at Wendy Schmalz Agency (World). [We know her as amanda_marrone ]

Edgar Award winner Robin MacCready's SNAPSHOT, in which a girl discovers her father has a secret life, to Christy Ottaviano at Christy Ottaviano Books, by Wendy Schmalz at Wendy Schmalz Agency (World).

Author of the NYT bestseller WAKE Lisa McMann's next paranormal stand-alone, again to Jennifer Klonsky at Simon Pulse, for publication in spring 2011, by Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (World).

Adrienne Maria Vrettos's untitled NYC mystery, in which a teenage girl wakes up in a nearly empty subway car to find herself in an unfamiliar costume and makeup, with no memory of what's happened to her in the three days since Halloween; it will take her five days to figure out why she only has six days to live, to Lisa Cheng at Margaret K. McElderry Books, for publication in Spring 2011, by Tracey Adams at Adams Literary (US). [We know her as amvrettos ]

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