aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

We're all animals at heart

We all know that the rich are different. But did you know they telegraph it by how they act? A new study found that "students whose parents were from higher socioeconomic status (SES) backgrounds engaged in more of what he called "impolite" behaviors, such as grooming, doodling and fidgeting. Lower SES students showed more "I'm interested" gestures, including laughter and raising of the eyebrows

The higher SES students fidgeted with nearby objects for an average of two seconds, while those from lower SES backgrounds almost never fidgeted during the 60-second clips. Upper SES students also groomed themselves for short stints while lower SES students didn't. Rather, the lower SES students nodded their heads, laughed and raised their eyebrows an average of one to two seconds more than their upper SES counterparts."

Read more here.

I wonder what my tape would show? I was raised poooor (one pair of shoes at a time and parents who sometimes lied and said they were full), but now have too many clothes and too much food.

The Girl in the Mini Cooper features a rich girl and a poor boy. She's a nice person, though - I wonder if she would fidget and groom?

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