aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Maybe I should be writing about fairies or fart jokes

Because when you spend all day reading The New Predator: Profiles Of Female Serial Killers you get depressed. Really depressed. The author interviewed seven female serial killers. Their crimes are sickening.

And it's clear that the seeds were sown in childhood. All the women were horrifically abused - usually by their family members. It's not the rape and beatings that hurt the worst. It's when a parent said things like, "You're stupid," or "Why don't you kill yourself?"

I am learning things, but some I wish I could unlearn. Some are more benign. Like male serial killers seem to come from the Pacific Northwest - right here. Female serial killers are more likely to be from the South.

And then this gave me pause: "Female multiple killers read materials to educate themselves about murder and forensic pathology. They go to their local libraries and check out books about poisons, autopsy procedures and police procedures."

Uh oh.

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