aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Plumb tuckered out

I have today off. I should be sorting through the half-dozen files I have labeled "fodder" to help me think about my next book. Instead I am ushering a series of plumbers through the house so they can give us bids on having all of our 1918 pipes replaced. Each plumber who shows up points out some new thing that the last owners did that was not to code. Pretty much our whole house is not to code. The stairs are so shallow and steep we call them the "Stairmaster" steps.

Today's mystery: where does the kitchen sink water go? The morning plumber says it does not seem to go into the septic system. He thinks it might go into a "dry well" - ie, a big hole that evenutally just soaks into the ground. Hello, we live in the middle of a city. Do you mean 85 years of all the little table scraps that have slipped down the drain are rotting someplace underneath our driveway?

Yesterday I read Head Games by Mariah Fredericks. It was a great book about a girl who gets caught up in on-line gaming that slips into reality when she meets another one of the players in real life.

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