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Virginia Euwer Wolff's unusual use for index cards

I’ve actually met Virginia Euwer Wolff at a group signing we were both at many years ago. How did a white lady of a certain age and from rural Oregon come to write about teens that many think of as multicultural?

You can find out by clicking here.

Two interesting things she said: She’s had the same editor, but a million different houses: “I’ve followed Brenda Bowen as she’s moved from Henry Holt to Scholastic to Simon and Schuster to Hyperion and to HarperCollins.”

And she sweats reviews too! “Yes, I knew that “you’re only as good as your next book,” and I was terrified that True Believer wouldn’t be well received. It helped that I had other things besides writing to keep me going at the time, like contracting the construction of a stone garden and playing violin with a chamber group. There was a time that I carried around an index cards with the words “chamber group” and “raise flowers” on it. It reminded me that I had other things in my life besides writing if the book didn’t get good reviews.” [Full disclosure: I think I need an index card. Not sure what to put on it.]

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