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Does a sexual abuser deserve a second chance?

The front page of the Oregonian has the story of a woman who is trying to get her teaching credential reinstated. Twenty-five years ago, Kimberly Horenstein had a new teaching degree and was working as a swim coach. Then in her mid-20s, she sexually abused a 10 year old girl for eight months. Then she moved on to an eighth grade girl on her swim team, and sexually abused her for a year.

No one knew what had happened except Horenstein and the victims. She began a 21 year career as a teacher of deaf and hard of hearing students. She has been in a "committed relationship" for 15 years with an adult partner. They adopted two boys. In 2005, one of her victims saw a news story about her and learned Horenstein had adopted. She contacted the police. Horenstein admitted her guilt.

Her crimes were too old to be prosectued.

No parents or students were told while they considered what to do about her license. For 15 months, she taught under a "safety plan" that required another adult be present when she was with children.

Then she was fired. Now she wants her license back.

Her old supervisor says, "She understands how to run an efficient, individualized and learning rich classroom. It would be a valuable service returned to students, families, staff and the field of deaf education if Kim's license could be reinstated."

Yeah, our babysitter looked great to other adults too. And she molested me when I was nine.

Horenstein spent 18 months being a molester. That's a long time. In petitioning to get her license back she refers to those nearly two years as "the incident."

I've got one word for the board: no. Don't take the chance. Don't put her with vulnerable children.

Read more here.

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