aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Pull back the curtain and see how awards really get decided upon

The head buyer at the Boulder Bookstore and the former Mountains & Plains bookseller of the year offers his thinking behind his nominees for the Indie Choice Book Awards. What’s interesting is the honesty: “There were two books on the long list that I read, but I decided against nominating for the short list. Garth Stein's Art of Racing in the Rain which I thought was too lightweight for an award. Also, Stein's book zoomed in popularity after Starbuck's featured it. Nothing says independent like a title that Starbucks makes. Dennis Lehane's Given Day, which had the best galley package of any novel this year, was a great lark of a story, but in the end I felt at 720 pages it was a bit unwieldy and somewhat sloppy.”

Read more here.

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