aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Why you don't ever ever want to self-publish

Because you could end up with something scary like this:

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* Emailed to me touting it as a new book - copyright 2004.
* A paperback for $25. Right.
* This is what the author/publisher has supplied for "editorial reviews" (and no, it's not just you, they don't make sense): Rita Woodman This so far has been the greatest book ! I cant wait for the 2-nd book to come out! Roxanne Greenhouse A hilarious humor mixed in with a sickly plot, and jut of Flower Country comes this masterpiece! [Full disclosure: I think the only explanation is English as a second language. Or possibly fifth.]
* Book is touted as being for ages 12 to 18. [Full disclosure: do you think he meant months?]
* Book begins, "My what a beautiful morning, " Bluebell cried and was out of bed in an instant. It was a fine morning indeed. The sky was already shining, the clear sky was unusually blue, and the bird were chirping at the top of their voices, while in the distance the rapid LIght River sang and rustled. "I'd better hurry and get going if I want to pass Daisy, or she'll get to school first as usual."
* Number of sales made on Amazon: zero.
Tags: self-publishing

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