aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Five Things on a Friday

1. Nelson has signed off on Lis Wiehl's and my concept for the third book in the Triple Threat series.

2. We'll get edits next week on the second in the series. It's called Hand of Fate.

3. The title for the secondbook, Hand of Fate, is how Face of Betrayal, the first in the series, got its title. We were having trouble with a name. We came up with dozens that didn't work. But we knew the second would be be called Hand of Fate, after the name of a radio talk show run by a character named Jim Fate. From that we decided the titles should follow a pattern.

4. I have an idea for the third title that follows the same pattern: body part plus "of" plus noun. Amazon reveals it hasn't been used for a long time, and not for anything too high profile.

5. What suggestions for titles that follow that pattern do you have?
Face of Betrayal
Hand of Fate

Hair of?
Bone or Bones of?
Finger of ?
All ideas go into the hopper.

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