aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Any runners out there?

I run five miles four times a week. I thought endorphins were supposed to kick in around mile 20. But every now and then when I'm running I get hit with this feeling of absolute complete joy that leaves me grinning.

It happened today, for the first time in several months. It makes no sense, because my body feels bruised and broken. I've started taking boot camp classes, Pilates classes, and kick boxing classes, which also makes no sense because in high school PE I swore I would never, ever take a class where I had to do whatever someone at the front of the room said. I got about five hours of achy sleep last night. I should have felt terrible.

But then Kanye West started singing "Never Let Me Down" suddenly I felt the best you could feel. Ever. Too bad it lasts less than a minute.

So, runners - does that happen to you?

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Tags: running
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