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Do you think Binky Urban is magic? - update: link fixed!

For some reason, I love to read about Amanda “Binky” Urban, a top agent. Maybe it’s because typing “Binky” makes me feel in the know. Maybe because she represents a fr-acquaintance, Craig Lesley. Maybe it’s because the things she does for writers seem like magic.

For example: “"When I met Richard Ford for the first time, he already had published three novels, which had been very well-received critically and had sold 7,500 copies. When he came to me, he said he may never write another novel, which is not what an agent wants to hear. The next novel he wrote was 'The Sportswriter,' for which he won the Pulizer Prize. When I first met Cormac McCarthy, he had already written four novels, none of which had sold more than 2,500 copies. I moved him from Random House to Knopf, they did a fabulous job, and the next book he wrote was "All the Pretty Horses," which sold about 300,000 copies in hardcover and millions in paperback.”

Who doesn’t want that kind of success?

Read more about Urban in this long and interesting interview here.

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