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Tom Perotta and the story of how a cover can change - and change again

Not only has he written some great books, but at least one, Election, became a great movie. If you haven't seen it, rent it. It's about a high school election, and stars Matthew Broderick as the embittered teacher and Reece Witherspoon as the sweet as pie on the outside, evil on the inside, candidate.

He has a new movie out, Little Children, which due to some unfairness has not opened in Portland yet. It's called Little Children and it's about some suburban parents who get themselves in trouble and act like little children. It's rated R and definitely won't be appropriate to bring the kidlet to. [Full disclosure: kid has seen R rated movies since age of 5, when I took said kid to Billy Elliot. Yes, that movie about a boy who wanted to be a ballet dancer was rated R. I was told for the swearing. I barely understood what a "fwaahking poofter" was so I don't think kid did.]

Little Children had the original perfect cover image: a pair of crisp Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers, those iconic childhood snacks, facing off against a green lawn. Pepperidge Farm, alas, did not appreciate the homage. The company told Perrotta's publisher, St. Martin's Press, to lose the crackers. St. Martin's substiuted a pair of chocolate chip cookies (baked by Dori Weintraub, Perrotta's quick-thinking publicist) in later press runs. Then in paperback the fish came back - a photograph of live ones stranded in a plastic sack.

Here's an article about Tom and the movie.

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