aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Five things on a Friday

1. My car was making this weird whine/grind noise occasionally when I started it. Car-genius that I am, I thought starter. Or maybe alternator. Or possibly radiator. But no - it turns out the battery was dying. Yeah for less expensive solutions!

2. Except I also had to get some kind of leaky ring thing fixed. Boo for car fixes!

3. But while I was at the shop, I wrote for nearly three hours straight with no distractions like food or the Internet. Yeah for forced writing!

4. And another one of my editors said I would get an editorial letter next week. So good thing I'm nearly done with this book's editorial letter. Yeah for the prospect of D&A money!

5. A friend gave me a marble slab and matching rolling pin that she bought years and years ago and never used. It made me realize that I have no excuses for not having the life I want. In my dreams when I was working, I always thought if I quit my day job I would pray more, read more, and cook more. So I'm putting that slab to work! Yeah for friends, food, and realizations!

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