aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Lynda Barry is amazing

Last fall, I met Lynda Barry at a writers’ party at Wordstock. For me, it was like meeting a celebrity. I discovered her cartoons in college. They were shockingly funny in a naked, nearly painful way. They got cut out and stuck on refrigerators. They spawned catchphrases among my friends, like, “You must give yourself again to Ramone.”

At the party, we talked about the importance of Vitamin D. It was her idea, not mine, but I was willing to talk about anything if it meant I could talk to Lynda Barry.

Read this article in the Chicago Tribune and you’ll learn that:
- Her ex-boyfriend is Ira Glass.
- Her best friend is Matt Groenig (creator of The Simpsons)
- Next year they will release a 10-volume book of every comic strip she every produced.
- The Chicago Tribune writer doesn’t know the difference between “phased” and “fazed.”

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