aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Hm, how is this going to work exactly?

In the next 21 hours I need to:

- haul my regular tires out of the basement
- put them in the car
- figure out how to back out of the extremely narrow 30-foot-long flaglot driveway that leads to the basement and has a three-foot drop off on one side (I cannot drive in reverse worth a damn)
- wait for the tires to be changed at Les Schwab
- reverse the whole process
- proof 213 pages
- input 287 pages of edits
- finish writing my response to the editorial letter
- hit the send key on the whole thing
- grocery shop
- go to the post office
- figure out how to both go to kickboxing class AND hear an expert in sociopaths (I accidentally double booked and am the ride to kickboxing for Teen and Teen's BFF)
- locate and remove the tiny piece of popcorn stuck in my molars
- etc.

And then tomorrow it's on to federal jury duty.

Has anyone been on a jury? Got any opinions on whether I should try to be foreman and how much extra work it is?

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Tags: jury duty

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