aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

On my birthday

I have two choices.

1. My husband’s employer is sponsoring The Super Colon, "an incredible, inflatable, interactive colon that teaches people about the risks, symptoms, prevention, early detection and treatment options for colorectal cancer. As they walk through, visitors get a close-up look at healthy tissue, tissue with non-malignant colorectal diseases and tissue with various stages of colorectal cancer." And it will only be in town on my birthday!

2. Or I could
a) get a facial at the Aveda beauty school
b) eat the same lunch I did every day in junior high: a chocolate milkshake and BBQ chips
c) watch the DVD of Borat while eating more icecream
d) celebrate with Teen and Spouse when they come home from school and work, resepctively.

Which would you choose? Or what would you do?

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