aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Can you make a bestseller?

Well, if the publisher has anything to say about Darling Jim: A Novel, they will.

I’ve got several emails from the publicist about this book, and now I’ve got a finished copy that came packaged with a nice little notebook. Little giveaways or crime-scene tape wrapped around a book a sure sign somebody is putting marketing dollars in.

I’m keeping the notebook, but the book won’t get reviewed by me. You had to stretch a lot of credibility – and for me it just snapped. It’s difficult to pull off a book that is supposedly a diary – and this book has TWO diaries. In real life, people don’t write detailed descriptions of scenes, complete with setting and lines and lines of dialog.

Oh well, I have a feeling I might have been looking for a little less gothic and little more mystery.

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