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How we spent spring vacation

Teen has been skateboarding for a long time. But because Teen is of the girl persuasion, she is not quite as crazy as the boy skateboarders. I personally have no idea how she does it, because I get scared standing on an unmoving skateboard, even if I'm holding on to something for balance.

Teen only learned how to drop in last fall. To drop-in, you anchor the back of your skateboard with your back foot, while the rest juts out into empty space. Then you transfer your weight to the front of your board, and swoop down the steep curve.

That's the theory anyway.

Over spring break, we visited my mom's, where there is a wonderful skatepark. Teen was a bit anxious about dropping in, and decided she would definitely do it the last day. My mom and I sat on a bench and watched her balance over the lip of the drop.

The other side of the curve was hidden from us, but I could hear the sound of an empty skateboard skittering away. Teen popped up, face contorted, and then lay down again. I started running.

Running and swearing.

The worst thing was that she got the wind knocked out of her. Her arm hurt, but she seemed to have full range of motion and only a tiny bit of swelling. She had landed with one hand flat to catch herself.

We didn't get an X-ray until the next day. It seemed ambigiuous. Then on Monday a radiologist decided there was a hairline fracture.

This morning, though, we were given a choice. Cast or no cast. We looked at each. I knew she wanted one. She had already told all her friends. A cast would be "bad-bottom," as she puts it. So I said cast.

In the car, she said she had a brief panic attack when they put on the cast. Like her arm had claustrophia for a few seconds.

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