aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The loss of serendipity

When you read a newspaper printed on paper, you might run across – and even read – an article that you otherwise wouldn’t. See that same newspaper on the Web, it's more likely you'll search for exactly what you want –and miss everything else.

I think the same thing might happen with publisher’s catalogs. As a bookseller flips through them, they might see something they wouldn’t have sought out. But HarperCollins is getting rid of catalogs this fall. PW says they will have “HC's digital catalogues, housed at www.harpercollinscatalogs.com, will, in addition to featuring the standard information in print catalogues, include reviews, interviews and promotional videos. The publisher is also promising that the online catalogues will be updated frequently, reflecting any evolving changes with the publication details or marketing efforts surrounding titles. The digital catalogues will also feature access to authors' backlists and, on select titles, link to browsable galleys. The search functionality will allow users to create lists of titles based on categories like genre, format and on-sale date. A pdf version of the catalogue will also be available, for those who want to print it out, but HC will not mail any print catalogues.”

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