aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Five Things on a Friday

1. I'm leaving soon to go speak to a group of librarians in a town about an hour from here. My co-speaker is GM Ford. I'm a planner, so I emailed Jerry and asked what he was going to talk about. Jerry, who I would guess does far more public speaking than I do, is obviously not a planner. He said he was going to figure out what he was going to talk about as he was driving over.

2. I'm nervous.

3. I'm almost done with my editoral letter for my next YA. They want to change the name. So far, that's three for three on my YA titles.
a. "Point & Shoot" became "Shock Point"
b. "Fire, Kiss, Electric Chair" became "Torched"
c. "Shadows Walking Backward" will become ??

4. The writing class I'm going to be teaching filled up in three days. It even has a waiting list.

5. I have read so many books where a new recruit or a new farmhand must exert himelf to the point where by the end of the day he is physically exhausted. Each night, the character falls into a deep dreamless sleep. Now that I'm taking Pilates, kickboxing, Kung Fu, AND boot camp, I realize this is a lie. You can't sleep because you HURT too much.

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