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Jeopardy gives Linda Sue Park the boot - for a literacy question!

School Library Journal reports "Children-s author Linda Sue Park got booted off the TV quiz show Jeopardy! on October 20 after incorrectly answering - of all things - a literacy question. Oh well, at least she still has her Newbery.

"In the final round, Alex Trebek, the host of the popular game show where contestants are given answers to questions and must phrase responses in the form of a question, asked Park “In an 1868 novel, this mysterious title object is believed to sparkle or dim depending on lunar phrases.” Park, who wrote the award-winning A Single Shard (Clarion, 2001), got it wrong. The answer: The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins." [Full disclosure: I would have had NO idea.] [Full disclosure number 2: I know a 5-time Jeopardy winner. He's kind of like you might think.]

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