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Children's author KP Bath arrested on child pornography charges

I've never heard of this guy, KP Bath, but KGW reports that a local children’s author has been charged with three felony counts involving child pornography. "Kevin Patrick Bath, 50, was arraigned in U.S. District Court an indictment charging him with distributing, transferring and receiving child porn. ... The writer publishes under the name K.P. Bath and had previously volunteered at a local children’s library, according to charging documents. Bath's works include the Castle Cant series of mysteries. [Here's an example: The Secret of Castle Cant]. Federal authorities said Bath was trading child porn with others in Washington and Ohio. More than 100 video files and thousands of child porn images were found on his computer, many depicting sexual abuse of very young children."

The Oregonian has an even worse article here, in which he told someone online "I wish a nine-year-old were doing that to me," and saying that many of the videos showed crying as they were molested, and some of them were tied up.

Has anyone read his books? Or met him? Little, Brown, which was supposed to put out a new book in 2010, is probably not very happy right now.

My friend's husband who is a defense attorney says "chi-mos" (child molesters) don't fare well in prison. Somehow, I'm not feeling too sorry about that right now.

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