aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Agents are forces for good

There’s been a lot of anger directed (or mis-directed at agents) lately. I could not have the career I do if I didn’t have my agent in my corner.
- She stuck with me for two books that didn’t sell (we’re talking the first two she repped – I never got an agent for my first book)
- With the third book, she guessed correctly that it would be an excellent fit for Carolyn Marino at HarperCollins. Within four days, we had a two-book offer.
- She knows the players, just like she knew Carolyn. She knows what they like, don’t like, and what they really want to see.
- She gives me career advice.
- She listens to me.
- She balances being realistic with giving encouragement.
Here’s an article in the London Observer in praise of agents.

Is it easy to get an agent? No. She was probably the 100th one I queried, and it was my second project . But we fit together like two interlaced hands.

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