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The ever popular topic of advances

Writers are always curious - how much did someone get as an advance? They parse the deals listed on Publishers Lunch (very nice vs. good vs. significant) and search out as much info as they can. Which isn’t much.

An article in the New York Times sheds only a little more light. But of course every writer I know will read it. In part, it says, “Advance envy is common. “Writers who can’t recall their Social Security number can say to the penny how much of an advance their nemesis received,” Elissa Schappell, a fiction writer and co-editor of the anthology “Money Changes Everything,” said in an e-mail message. To an outsider, the numbers can seem arbitrary, even absurd. “No one ever says of an advance, ‘That’s exactly what that book deserves,’ ” Schappell said. “Yep, a coming-of-age first novel involving drug addiction and same-sex experimentation is worth $25,000.””

And you can, too, if you click here .

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