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The end is the hardest part

Sometime in the next week, I'll finish a book I began early in the year, about a blind girl who is kidnapped. It will be done.

Only it won't be. Because I'll need to set it aside and then work on it when I have more perspective. I'll need to swap manuscripts with a friend. My agent will weigh in. My editor will want at least one major revision, more likely two. The copy editor will search through it and want lots of little changes. I'll need to proof the loose manuscript pages and the advanced readers copy. And I'll guarantee you, a couple of years from now, when I am reading a short section of the book out loud to a group, I will wish I had written it a little differently. I might even edit as I read aloud.

So it's never finished. Not really.

Meanwhile, I have to figure out exactly how the book will end. I know broadly, and even the medium range. It's the close up I need to finish. Exactly what is going to happen to that bad guy who is right now trying to smash open the window of the car that Cheyenne is in? And exactly how is my clever twist about how she gets the cops to show up going to work?

And then there's the wrap up chapter, showing her at home or safe at least, saying what happened to the four bad guys. I hate wrap-up chapters. It's so hard to feel they are truly satisfying.

Wish me luck.

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