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Which do you think is better?

I was emailing back and forth with this woman this week. She was trying to decide whether she shoudl commit more to being a writer. One of her questions was about how much I enjoy writing. I told her I always enjoyed having written, but not always the writing itself.

In many ways, I think it's like running. You're always glad you ran. And running builds your muscles and keeps you fit. But do I always love to run? No. Some days are complete slogs.

And Teen asked me yesterday if I considered my writing my work. Thinking of how I'm earning money at it, I said yes (somehow I always feel a little defensive about writing full time, because my life seems so much easier now in comparision to how it was before or how my husband's is now). And she said in school they were saying, "Do what you love for your living, and you'll never have to work a day in your life."

But I'm not sure that's true. What do you think?

Poll #1388773 Which is better?

Whic is better? Writing or having written?

Having written
Some days it's one, some days it's the other

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