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Watch out for writers - they make things up that they secretly long to do!

George Allen, the Virgina Republican senator who is in a tight race, has been putting his foot in his mouth lately. Calling a black man a macaca (slang for monkey) and also yelling out "Welcome to America" (when the man was an American). Handling revelations that he is of Jewish descent with fairly jaw-dropping insensitivity. Plus, people are coming forward from Allen's past with anecdotes about other racist misdeeds.

But why worry about deeds when you can focus on words? In this case, Allen actually put out a press release that says at the top "WEBB'S WEIRD WORLD - The Author's Disturbing Writings Show a Continued Pattern of Demeaning Women." His opponent is a multipublished novelist. Can you imagine that someone was actually assigned the task of going through thousands of pages to find the smallest passages where one character says something bad about another character, or there is a disturbing sex scene?

Here is one horrible, horrible example: "If she'd just get laid every now and then she'd mellow out and stop being such a damn witch.”"

Obviously, if he writes about bad characters, Webb must think these things himself, right? I mean, I write about people who kill other people. That's practically like me killing other people, right? Am I not just as bad as a real murderer? And I've written about arson, assault, burglary, art fraud, and drug use.

Clearly, I can't go into politics.

Here's the posting on the infamous Drudge report.

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