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Can you guess the best thing about this review in Oregon magazine?

NW Authors Pen Locally
Oriented, Superb Mystery

By Fred Delkin

April is the launch date for Face of Betrayal (Thomas Nelson), one of the best novels we've read in a long time and filled with local references by its native Northwest authors, Fox TV legal analyst and Seattle native, Lis Wiehl, and Oregonian April Henry. The plot covers a missing persons drama that will keep one enthralled from cover to cover and the setting is replete with sites every Portlander knows well.

The story line couldn't be more contemporary. A Portland teenage female U.S. Senate page comes home on Christmas break and disappears while taking her dog out for a walk. Portland TV reporter Cassidy Shaw breaks the story, creates a media firestorm and joins a pair of friends, federal prosecutor Allison Pierce and FBI agent Nicole Hedge, in seeking a solution to the mystery that involves the page's U.S. Senator employer and rumors of a romantic liason between the legislator and the missing girl. There are elements of a sexual stalker, single motherhood and an abusive relationship as the story unfolds before a national television audience. False leads, media hype, a severed hand found on Forest Park's Wildwood Trail ... all key elements in this enthralling puzzle.

Wiehl, 38, is a former federal prosecutor and currently appears on The O'Reilly Factor TV and radio talk shows after serving as an analyst on Seattle's KIRO-TV after a stint as a trial attorney. She teaches at the University of Washington law school, is married and has a son and daughter. Her legal knowledge shines in this novel's text, which is her first participation in literary fiction.

Co-author Henry, 40, is a fiction veteran, with seven published mystery novels (Torched, Shock Point, Buried Diamonds, Learning to Fly, Heart-shaped Box, Square in the Face & Circles of Confusion) to date. Henry was born in Portland, attended Medford high school and graduated from Oregon State. She, husband and daughter reside in Portland. Reading her latest effort, one admires her skill in keeping your attention from cover to cover and only unveiling the full story at tale's end.

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