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Author Mariyn French is dead

I was born a feminist. Equal rights made sense to me. In 7th grade, we were given a pamphlet on voting put out by the 3M company. It ssid that women often chose candidates on the basis of looks (the booklet assumed all candidates were men), or thriftiness, since women had to oversee the household budget. It was the next passage that made me complain to the teacher (to no avail): "But some observers throw up their hands and say they don't understand why women vote the way they do at all!"

A few years later, I was sent to the principal's office for complaining when the social studies teacher showed us a film about how boys were horny slobs and girls were overly sensitive creatures who had to be careful to draw a line about parking. I was still in high school when I bought a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves.

And around the time of my senior year, my mom and I both read The Women's Room by Marilyn French. Thirty-two years later, the impression that book left on me still lingers.

I guess she died a few days ago. You can read the NY Times obit here.

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