aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

What do you think? Do I really need a wrap-up chapter?

Okay, now I can't decide if I really need a wrap-up chapter for my next thriller.

It certainly would be to easier to end with my heroine whispering to the cop, "What took you so long?"

It wouldn't be news that Cheyenne gets home and is safe. You already know that she's grown throughout the book. So I don't need to tell the reader that. We know what happened to a couple of the bad guys and we know that Cheyenne has injured a third. I have left one character in the woods with a broken foot and it is freezing, but he's not in imminent danger, and she will soon tell the police where he is.

So do I need to show her safe and sound?

Or let the reader imagine it?

Or am I just lazy?

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