Great items up for bid to help Bridget fight her cancer!

This is Bridget. Three things happened to Bridget in February:
1. She got an agent for her young adult novel.
2. She got married.
3. She found out she has Stage Four colon cancer.

I met Bridget a year ago at an Oregon SWCBI event. She had just moved to Portland from Wisconsin, where she was a teen librarian. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. When she found out she had an agent, she was just glowing. A few days later she went to a naturopath for headaches and vision problems. She ended up in the ER – and learned very quickly that she had cancer. Big, bad cancer.

Today, Bridget is going in for her second grueling round of chemo to help fight her Stage Four colon cancer.

To help defray some of the costs, authors and artists all over the US have banded together to offer their services in an online auction.

Would you like the first pages of a manuscript critiqued? Are you ready to market a book,need a bookmark or advice on a query letter? Want to get away to Torrey, Utah and take in the fabulous national parks in the area? In the market for some signed books? Looking for a handmade baby quilt, handmade book, jewelry and more?

Check out the items at Bridget Zinn Auction at The money will help her with medical expenses.

If you could spread the word, I would be grateful.

And if you would like to follow Bridget blog or just find out more about her, you can do so at

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I just posted this verbatim on my blog. I hope you don't mind. I credited you in the header.

Thanks for spreading the word.
Absolutely. I feel badly that I didn't donate anything. I don't know how I missed that if there was a general call.

I've bid on things though. It just doesn't feel like enough.
If you wanted to give something different or more, you could always email Jone at

looks pretty thorogh - you could email Jone and ask if they are still accepting items, although it seems like the more, the better.
Just noting that this was shared on Metafilter. It's how I found out about it. I'm sending good wishes her way.
I'm too uncool to know about Metafilter, but it sounds good! Is it like Twitter (which I understand). Technorati (which I do not)? Other?
Hi April! Someone just commented on my blog post about the auction from last year because she needed help. Can you help? :)

My name is Candice Westberg and I donated something to this auction last year. I'm writing because your links require a password and I can't get through! I have been unable to get ahold of the person who won my item. Shortly after the auction ended I messaged someone who said they would get back to me with an address. Time went by and they never did and now I can't reach them. So, I'm googling and looking for any way to get in touch with someone who can get me in touch with the winner! Thanks so much for your time in reading this.

Candice (I donated the dragon jester stick, if anyone asks.*grin*)

Yes, actually I can. I think that was the auction Jone ran - I'll forward this to her.

The Internets, they are marvelous.